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Khom Vowels

Khom School (Khmer Sanskrit) – Tentative Beginnings of a Video Tutorial

Presenting my first Khmer Sanskrit Writing Tutorial Video For those few freaks who are seriously trying to figure out how to write Pasa Khom in order to be able to read and interpret the sacred Yant and Kata Spell inscriptions. I have begun making some (pretty amateur) video clips single handed with one hand with camera and the other a piece of chalk and blackboard. I hope i can refine my methods and make a professional looking video tutorial as i go along.

This Video shows how to Inscribe the first Consonant ‘Ga’ (G), and then shows how to write it with a long A vowel (Gaa)

I suppose i will find better ways to teach as i work so please be patient as i move from amateur video demonstration to develop better quality. Hopefully i will be able to post one or two videos a week here.

I shall be making a You Tube Channel just for Khom School, and will post the channel url soon for those who wish to subscribe to the Khom School You Tube Channel. In the Meantime learn how to Draw ‘Na Metta’ by watching the below video, which i made for fun as a tester.

I include the Phonetic Transposition of Khom Consonants and Vowels for reference.

Khom Consonants

Khom Consonants

Khom Vowels

Khmer Magic reanimation spell

If you are not squeamish then watch this clip of Khmer sorcery used to cut off the legs and subsequently kill a chicken – then the magician revokes the spell and returns the bird to its original state unharmed!

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