Yant Suea Tiger Sak Yant Tattoo

Pair of Twin Tigers Sak yant Tattoo designs- this design is from Ajarn Noo Ganpai

Yant Suea - tiger tattoos

The two tigers represent “Amnaj” (power over one’s subordinates), and is often used by Soldiers and Policemen in commanding positions. Between the two tigers is “Yant Putsoorn” or sometimes also called Yant Prajao Ha Praongk, due to the fact that it contains the 5 syllable mantra of the aforesaid “Na Moe Put Taa Ya” within it. ” Putsoorn”, means “Buddha concentrically aligned” this is because each letter of the Kata is written around the previous one, resulting in a concentric circle of letters. The “Sacred Na” abelow the yant Putsoorn, is “Na Hua Jai Suea” (Na of the tigers heart). I am not sure which is the Sacred Na above the Putsoorn Yant.

Kata phonetics can unfortunately not be done for this particular design, due to the fact that all the designs in Ajarn Noo’s books are written falsely as far as Kata go. This is to prevent copycats (which it doesn’t, some people just get it done anyway).

I shall be publishing more pics here of different versions by different masters as i get time, and will then expound on the katas possible for this tattoo.

Design Copyright; Ajarn Noo Ganpai – www.sakyan.com
New Tiger Yantra and Sak yant Tattoos will be added to the below Gallery as time passes, and the collection grows.

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